• Personalized preparation of Individual Employment Contracts.
  • Elaboration and registration of the Internal Labor Regulations according to the reality and needs of the Company.
  • Assistance to the General Labor Inspection and Labor Courts.
  • Legal formalities and summons before the General Labor Inspectorate (Inspección General de Trabajo).
  • Procedural Defense in Labor Matters.
  • Filing of Labor Lawsuits.
  • Negotiations, conciliations, preparation of agreements, settlements, notarial acts, etc.
  • Creation and implementation of Prevention Strategies in labor matters.
  • Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Figures and Measures.
  • Legal advice on Social Security matters (IGSS).
  • Labor audits.
  • Advice, updating and regularization of employer and labor obligations.
  • Consultations on specific matters related to the calculation and payment of labor benefits, such as vacations, severance, and other legal benefits.
  • Advice and accompaniment in labor matters.
  • Modifications, settlements, certificates, permits, in general.
  • Assistance and advice on dismissals and other forms of termination of labor relationship.
  • Intervention in individual negotiations for the termination of employment contracts.
  • Training for Managers, Directors and Accountants in labor matters.


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